Supply Chain Network Management: increase agility, improve supply chain performance, increase customer satisfaction

April 20, 2021 | News Italia

We’re happy to introduce a new STAUFEN. E-LEARNING event.

During two 3-hour meetings we will address a subject that has become highly topical over the past year: the design, improvement and management of the Supply Chain Network.

Today it is not individual companies that are in competition, but entire networks and Supply Chain are increasingly developing into multidimensional, complex and global value chains.

The reasons for this are ever faster innovation and development cycles, a trend towards shorter delivery times and increasing product variance and individualization, the emergence of disruptive business models and greater market volatility.


  • Successful design of a supply chain footprint based on customer requirements
  • ACTUAL recording of your personal footprint including the identification of potential
  • Segmentation of different supply chain types
  • Configuration of the network and relationship development with supply chain partners
  • Management and coordination of international networks
  • Planning concepts within Supply Chain Networks: Sales & Operations Planning
  • Implementation of a successful planning cycles and organization

Moderation by Fabio Salomone.

We will be accompanied in this training course by  Thomas Spiess (Senior Manager Staufen.Inova) and Emanuele Dati (Senior Expert Staufen.Inova)

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