About the author

Lutz Herborn

Lutz Herborn successfully completed a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. e has an interdisciplinary and thus integrative way of thinking from a technical and economic point of view as well as a strong process-oriented thinking, especially when analyzing end-to-end processes. He has already gained industry experience in mechanical and plant engineering, automotive and vehicle manufacturing as well as multi-layered professional experience in the areas of consulting, corporate and start-up.
His experience and competencies lie in supply chain management and operational excellence, extensive industrial experience in production planning of an automotive manufacturer, strong knowledge in lean management as well as methodological and technical competencies in process mining.
His reference projects include the optimization of a material supply process in a medium-sized company on the basis of lean manufacturing methods, the implementation of an innovative process mining model for supply chain planning, the structuring and introduction of a uniform schedule control for cross-departmental project management and the introduction of store floor management in the indirect area.

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