What we do is measurably better, pragmatically achieved, consistently guided by the best and convincingly implemented for and with our customers.

And here is the long version: Our mission statement

As a consultancy with an integrated academy and by now 22 years of experience in Germany and abroad, we have learned one thing above all: successful entrepreneurship is inseparably linked to the process of continuous improvement. This driving force applies to all hierarchical levels and company sectors in all company situations from a crisis to the top position.

However, insufficient attention is often given to the fact that companies are highly complex systems in which learning and adaptation processes generally progress exceedingly slowly. Making these learning and adaptation processes faster and guiding them towards perfection is the basic philosophy of our consultancy.

We use the term "lean transformation" for this process of continuous improvement within a company. Its cornerstones are results that are quickly apparent, performance in terms of quality, cost and delivery that ensures competitive differentiation, greater profitability and liquidity than elsewhere in the industry as well as highly qualified managers and staff. Or to put it briefly: People, structures and systems for continuous improvement.

The focus in this is on action-oriented management approaches. Staff orientation and staff involvement result in greater personal commitment, in increased involvement in concepts and designs, a greater wealth of ideas and more attractive suggested solutions.

The Staufen group and its experts in consultation, implementation and qualification are here to ensure the lasting establishment of such an improvement culture in a company. As reorganisation specialists from top consultancies, senior managers and lean coaches from benchmark companies, we are your Partner on the way to Top-Performance.