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Hidden Champion 2015

Hidden Champion 2015
Staufen AG is Hidden Champion 2015

WGMB study by Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink
Staufen AG is one of the "Hidden Champions of the Consultancy Industry" in 2015

Hidden Champion 2015

German top managers have nominated Staufen AG the country's best Lean Management Consultancy. For the renowned "Hidden Champions" industry study, consultancy expert Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink interviewed more than 450 top managers of major German companies. According to the study, Staufen AG also ranks amongst the top five consultancies in the areas of technology and innovation management, operative efficiency, Shop Floor Management and Industry 4.0.

"The award of the 'Hidden Champion 2015' title means very much to us, because we, too, always seek to benchmark ourselves against the major players in our industry," Martin Haas, Staufen AG Executive Board member expresses his delight. "The great appreciation by leaders of large companies, SMEs and large family-owned enterprises fills us with pride."


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Beste Berater 2014 + 2015 + 2016 + 2017

Beste Berater 2017
Beste Berater 2016
Beste Berater 2015
Beste Berater 2014

"brand eins" study: Staufen AG is among the best consulting companies in Germany

Beste Berater 2017 - In 2017, too, Staufen AG is seen as one of the best consulting companies in the country. The renowned industry study by brands eins and Statista once again sees the company from Köngen near Stuttgart attain an absolute top position in six industries and sectors. Top managers interviewed for the study awarded top marks for Staufen AG in several fields.

Press release Beste Berater 2017


Beste Berater 2016 - Also in this year, in the renowned branch study of brand eins and Statista, Staufen management consultancy has been voted as one of the best consulting companies nationwide. As in the previous year, the company from Köngen near Stuttgart once again attained an absolute top position in six industries and sectors. Staufen can thus count itself among the top consultants, among others in the automotive and supplier industry as well as in machinery and plant engineering.

Press release Beste Berater 2016


Beste Berater 2015 - According to the latest study by brand eins and Statista, corporate consultancy firm Staufen has once again been recognised as one of the best consultancy firms in Germany. In six industries and sectors, the company from Köngen near Stuttgart is considered a top consultancy firm according to research. Compared to last year's study, amongst other things, Staufen's ranking in the supply chain management sector has improved further still. 

Press release Beste Berater 2015


Beste Berater 2014 - According to a study by the "brand eins" business magazine, Staufen AG is one of the best consultancies in Germany in the industries and areas that it deals with. For example, Staufen AG with its base in Köngen near Stuttgart was ranked second in the "Mechanical and Plant Engineering" sector. In operations management, Staufen AG was also ranked among the top two. In a recent market analysis, publisher brand eins Wissen and the Hamburg company Statista interviewed around 1500 experts from consultancies and more than 1300 customers about their experiences in the consultancy industry.


“The consistency with which both customers and branch experts have been confirming our top quality already for years fills us with pride,” says Wilhelm Goschy, Executive Board Member of Staufen AG. “Here our consultation philosophy is confirmed, which is not targeted at a short-term flash in the pan but rather, with the Lean Excellence approach, allows our customers sustainable successes.”

brand eins wissen

Great Place to Work 2013 + 2015 + 2017

Award Great Place to Work 2013 and 2015
Great Place to Work 2015
Great Place to Work 2017

Great Place to Work®: Staufen AG is a top employer in Germany

Staufen AG ranks amongst the top class of German employers. This has been confirmed by an employee survey and a culture audit as part of the "Great Place to Work 2013", "Great Place to Work 2015" and "Great Place to Work 2017" contest.

For the third time, the Great Place to Work® Institute recognized Staufen AG as one of the 100 leading companies in the 50 to 500 employees category. Furthermore, with more than 260 employees worldwide, we are awarded as “Best Consulting Employer” and “Best Workplace in Baden-Württemberg”.

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BCC ‘Ambasador Polskiej Gospodarki’ 2013

Staufen Polska awarded with BCC ‘Ambasador Polskiej Gospodarki’.
Staufen Polska is among the winners of the prestigious award ‘Ambasador Polskiej Gospodarki’. Award granted by BCC promotes Poland in the world as a trustworthy partner, ensures a positive image of Polish companies and promotes economic development by attracting investors.

Staufen Poland received the award in the category ‘Foreign Business Partner’. It is a great honor for us due to our intensive development on Central European markets and further plans to establish cooperation with companies from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia. We hope that this award will allow us to build a brand image as a trustworthy partner.

On September 20th at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took place fifth competition gala. Representatives of awarded companies, including CEO of Staufen Poland - Mr. Lucjan Kornicki, received diplomas from the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the BCC.

More about the award Ambassador of the Polish Economy (in Polish) – here.

Training & Consulting Company 2013

We are pleased to announce that Staufen Polska was rewarded by Centralne Biuro Certyfikacji Krajowej in category: Training & Consulting Company 2013.

We are especially pleased that this year the jury and industry experts had a very difficult task due to the high interest in the competition. Finally, in the competition were selected the best companies in the branch - the ones that in jury's opinion are trustworthy, recommendable and will continue to bring value the market in long term.

Lower Silesian Business Certificate 2012 + 2013


On June 21th, 2013 Lucjan Kornicki, CEO of Staufen Polska, received Dolnośląski Certyfikat Gospodarczy 2013. This is the second time our company was awarded the prestigious award.

The jury, composed of independent experts and the voivodship marshal, checked the following criteria: level of employment and financial situation, company's position in the local and global market, investments and the ethics of action. Furthermore, the jury verified the orientation of the environmental and social activities.

We are proud of this achievement, which proofs that we have met our clients expectations as firm and trustful partner.

More about award under (in Polish)

Winners of DCG 2013 – rowarded for the second time.
Lucjan Kornicki form Staufen Polska, second from the left.



We are proud to announce that Staufen Polska was honored with an award of Lower Silesian Business Certificate (Dolnośląski Certyfikat Gospodarczy).

DCG is the most prestigious regional award granted to companies meeting certain criteria - the certificate is intended for Silesian companies and their products. Main focus is on the companies that make an important contribution to the development of the region, creates new job opportunities and can be seen as a business card of quality, innovation, modernity and solidity of work.

On June 26th in National Muzeum in Wrocław 32 companies from Lower Silesia have received award . It was twentieth edition of this prestigious competition. 12 companies (including Staufen Polska) received this award for the first time.

DCG idea was born in 1999 at Lower Silesia Political and Economic Forum in Krzyżowa. During the past nineteen editions, jury of DCG have rewarded 210 companies.

Lower Silesian Business Certificate
DCG Award Awards handed out by Dariusz Kowalczyk (sekretarz Województwa Dolnośląskiego) and Ewa Mańkowska (Wicewojewoda Dolnośląski) to Adriana Smolarska, Staufen's Academy Coordinator.

Best of Consulting 2011

Best of Consulting 2011Staufen, the top quality leader!

Staufen AG has received an award as the leading management consultant in Supply Chain Management. This was the result of a recent study by Wirtschaftswoche with the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (Scientific Association for Management and Consulting, WGMB).

After winning the Top Consultant 2010 and ASCO Award 2010 this is further testimony to our consultants’ performance. Of course it’s very satisfying when our work is successful. But successful projects also require a far-sighted and committed client. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients who have played a crucial role in this result with their appraisals. Special thanks go to RECARO Aircraft Seating with Messrs Hiller, Ley and Hausser, whose project we entered in our bid for Best of Consulting.

“Best of Consulting” is given to SMBs and since last week Staufen AG from Köngen has proudly carried the title of this award from Wirtschaftswoche and the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung. With its project for Recaro Aircraft Seating it won through against numerous well-known competitors in the supply chain management category. Within only nine months it succeeded in increasing internal product quality data by 60 per cent and did so by introducing shop-floor management in production at the Schwäbisch Hall business. Staufen AG established the fundamental requirements, supervised its implementation and coached the management in learning a new leadership culture and necessary procedures. As a result, shop-floor management is now firmly established at Recaro Aircraft Seating, even today, as the consultants have largely withdrawn from the project, and it makes a crucial contribution to the company’s consistently superior performance. This is why Recaro Aircraft Seating has also earned Boeing’s acknowledgement as a “gold status” supplier. For Staufen AG the “Best of Consulting” Award is already its third distinction in SMB consultancy. In July 2010 it received the “Top Consultant” Award thanks to positive client assessments from compamedia GmbH, and the ASCO Award in Switzerland also in 2010.

The “best seat maker in our customers’ opinion” – this aim has been at the core of Recaro Aircraft Seating’s mission statement since 2006. In 2009 the company made the breakthrough in terms of quality with the aid of shop-floor management and Staufen AG. This was achieved through a consistent alignment of all its operational procedures to an efficient, flexible and disruption-free workflow in production – with the focus on leadership. The key to achieving quality is daily early meetings on the ground, including senior management once a week, along with what is termed the shop-floor board. The board includes all the relevant information about work safety, staffing, quality and output on simple forms that are prepared with impact and visible to everyone. This means problem areas are quickly identified and management can target them specifically. Endless PowerPoint presentations, reporting and floods of emails are no longer required.

With the close involvement and cooperation of staff, Recaro Aircraft Seating has managed to turn the new system into a positively perceived experience. The constant presence of personal success and failure may soon arouse an impression of being under permanent control. “But the point of shop-floor management is to provide assistance and enable staff to solve problems as independently as possible”, explains Martin Haas, Staufen’s managing director and founder and an expert in shop-floor management. “Employees at Recaro Aircraft Seating have understood the principles of shop-floor management and live them every day. If nothing else, it’s one of the reasons for the great success of this project. Our thanks go to them as well as to managing director Mark Hiller, production manager Joachim Ley and technical supervisor Manfred Hausser. Without our far-sighted clients we would not be able to conduct our consultancy business as effectively as we do.”

Best of Consulting 2011
From left to right: Mark Hiller (Managing Director, Recaro Aircraft Seating), Wilhelm Goschy (Board Member, Staufen AG), Michael Henne (Sales Director, Staufen AG), Joachim Ley (Production Manager, Recaro Aircraft Seating) and Martin Haas (Board Member, Staufen AG)

European Medal 2011

We are proud to inform that Staufen Polska was awarded an European Medal for the Academy program. This award is given by Polish Business Centre Club in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and under the patronage of European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. The award distinguishes products and services which are on a highest European level.

Academy Program of Staufen Polska was awarded because of its practical and methodological value. There are almost 30 different trainings offered within Academy, which can be conducted on-site or in the factory of one of the three Best Practice Partners of Staufen: Autoliv, MAN and Opel.

The award ceremony taken place on 9th November in Polish National Opera in Warsaw.

We are very pleased that our job was appreciated. We would like to thank our Customers who participated actively in our Academy.

Business Centre Club

TOP Consultant 2010

TOP Consultant 2010 lean consultancy characterised by customer satisfaction

Staufen AG, the internationally active lean consultancy from Köngen, near Stuttgart, has been awarded the distinction of TOP Consultant 2010, making it the best management consultancy for the Mittelstand (the German small and medium-sized enterprises). The opinion of clients was decisive here. compamedia GmbH, the initiator of the seal of quality, used the responses of customers to issue marks for expertise, reliability, connectivity and customer satisfaction. The scores ranged from the poorest grade of C to the maximum A+. The seal of quality is issued above the average score of B. Of 57 applicants, just 26 achieved this. "We are delighted with this award," said Martin Haas, Director of Consulting at Staufen AG. "But we are even more delighted with the excellent marks awarded by our clients – two As and two times A+. This shows that we are on the right course with our client-proximate consulting philosophy." The seal of quality is mentored by ex finance minister Hans Eichel and can be borne by Staufen AG until July 2011. Then the company will be subjected to the assessment of its clients once again.

The surveys of Staufen clients were conducted and evaluated under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink, Professor for Management Consulting at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and Director of the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (society for management and consulting) in Bonn. He is a respected but critical authority on the consulting scene and guarantees neutral evaluation. "Our TOP marks are therefore genuine," smiles Haas. In the category "Expertise" Staufen AG achieves a straight A+. In addition to rational skills, points are also awarded here for the emotional capabilities of the consultants, their skills and knowledge. The lean consultants from Köngen also achieved top marks for the category "Reliability". Here the clients award marks for dependability, judgement, sincerity and credibility of the consultants. The "Connectivity" field provides an indication of how the consultants deal specifically with companies of the Mittelstand. Here Staufen AG "only" received an A grade, also narrowly failing to make an A+ in the category of Customer Satisfaction. "It is clear that there is still room for improvement here," deduced Haas. "But fundamentally, we are on the right course."

Further information on Top Consultant at

Mentor: Hans Eichel, Bundesfinanzminister a. D.

Academic administration: Dr. Dietmar Fink, Professor for Management Consulting at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and Director of the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (society for management and consulting) in Bonn.

Organisator: compamedia GmbH

TOP Consultant 2010
Staufen directors Dr. Jens Zimmermann and Martin Haas were delighted with the Top Consultant distinction

ASCO Award 2010

The uncompromising development of a value creation system at Huba Control in accordance with lean principles has paid off.

PRODUKTION - Best grades for Staufen

A survey in the journal "PRODUKTION" gave top marks to Staufen consultancy.

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