Your start at Staufen

Experts wanted.

Lean Management is mainly concerned with BestPractice, functional and business excellence as well as performance-oriented management processes, in short: with a wealth of practical experience. For that reason, Staufen consultants stand for their seniority. They occupied senior positions at BestPractice companies or top consultancies; their average age is 40 years.

Other features of a Staufen consultant:  

  • You have sound professional expertise through our experience in projects and industries
  • You focus on results in your work and have a pragmatic approach to implementation
  • You are personally committed and are happy and confident to pass on your knowledge and expertise.

If these apply to you, we are pleased that you want to  

  • develop continuously through our in-house consultancy training.  

In other words: You have experience in line management and leadership, professional expertise and analytical knowledge and are more of a problem solver, implementer and personal coach than philosopher. A warm welcome to you.  

Rookies welcome!  

You can also start out with us during or shortly after your university studies.
As an intern you are of interest to us if you are at the end of a bachelor or in a master’s course in business studies, engineering or sciences and can spare a minimum of twelve weeks.  

Excellent marks, experience abroad and previous internships are also a plus. If this profile applies to you, we are looking forward to your application.