Step 2: Lean Administration

Methods for lean indirect areas

For prospective improvement experts, masters, team leaders, group leaders, young professionals in assembly


01-05 September 2014
Köngen - Germany
Training in English 

Why this training

Potential for optimisation is increased in the production areas of companies. The approach "Lean Administration" will show you that huge potential can also be tapped in the indirect areas. You learn on a step-by-step basis where the starting points are to the reduction of waste and lead times and which pragmatic tools are successful in increasing productivity and quality.

Benefits for your work

  • You will learn the key tools for analysing and optimising your organisation in the workplace, on the process level and divisional level.
  • You will be provided with suggestions about implementing indicators and improving your business processes.

Programme content

  • Awareness: Basics / simulation of "order processing" to analyse and optimise the order cycle / improvement organisation and lean administration concept in businesses
  • "Process analysis" method skills: Process example order processing  detailed analysis, process mapping / group work main and part activity overview / development of process guide / interface diagram in the group / swim-lane diagram / value stream analysis – example of usage
  • "Process optimisation" method skills: "EMIPS methods" – general principles for process optimisation / individual work to develop a value stream design
  • "Function analysis" method skills: Order structure analysis – transparency regarding internal orders of a function / function analysis – determining the potential for optimisation of a function, a department, a team and derivation of measures
  • Regular communication, shopfloor management in indirect areas, 5S in the office" method skills: regular communication  and consultation rules / management and performance indicators in the office / shopfloor management in indirect areas / workplace organisation and 5S in the office
  • "Project organisation, planning and implementing change projects"- method: Project organisation for successful CIP projects in the company / project preparation and planning / group work to develop a project order including phase model
  • Comprehension test, final discussion, feedback, certificates