Certified 3-step course for Lean Experts and Trainers

Lean Production Basics

Targets, Characteristics and Methods of a lean production and lean Management

For Lean Beginners and those who are interested. The target group of this event is cross-functional, inter-divisional and -sectoral.

Why this kick-off event ?

You already heard a lot of lean and now you like to get information about possibilities and methods? You started getting lost in the vocabulary /wording of lean? Each research in the internet you become desperate about the amount of weblinks? Because of lots of new „buzzwords“ each day, you got more and more unconfident? You are at the beginning of your „lean career“ and looking for orientation? This is the right event for you! Leaned on the Toyota-Slogan: „If the student hasn’t learned the teacher hasn’t told!“ we explain the way out of the jungle of terms, methods and procedures based on practical examples. Speeches and discussions help to get safe on your view about questions to tools and understanding of leadership. You are able to discuss with like-minded people, what you ever wanted to clarify at the „Lean-World“.

Benefit for your work

  1. Learn about the Toyota culture
  2. Orientation and reliability in terms and methods of lean management
  3. Relevance, factors of success and procedures of CIP, lean projects and lean workshops
  4. Opportunities and risks on different management tasks as well as leadership style

Agenda items

  • Monitoring and evaluation of questions and expectations of the audience
  • Toyota – a mystery book?
    – History of Lean – starts with Taylorism and ends with learning   organization
    – The Toyota production system – failure free, flow, rhythm, pull
    – falsities and misunderstandings – why has lean not to be superficially
    – Forecast – management and leadership systems are on the way to lean
    – experts and literature – don´t copy, understand
  • Basic training lean enterprise
    – targets, characteristics and methods of lean production
    – success factors of CIP (continuous improvement process)
    – procedures of lean projects and workshops
  • Responding to questions and expectation
  • Management and leadership in a learning organization
    – overview of different management approaches related to timing
    – Tasks of the management and leadership – understanding of the  culture and leadership at Toyota
    – Management by process improvement – structured problem solving starts at gemba
    – typical differences between traditional and lean management
  • discussion, questions, suggestions

Methodical approach

Comprehensive presentation in the form of a speech with lot of examples and experiences. Discuss and ask questions with our lean experts. Your expectations and questions are the base and have an impact to arrange the agenda for the afternoon. With that you get the chance to design the event according to your individual interests.