Specialist seminars to reinforce competence in lean philosophy

Lean Process – Lean application in the process industries

Objectives, characteristics and methods of lean implementation in the process industries

Managers, department managers and their staff

Why this training

The process industries have started to deal with the philosophy of the Lean Organization more recently than other sectors but the experiences are piling steadily, thanks largely to major companies  that now apply extensively these methodologies. Process industries however have got peculiar characteristics and the application of classic Lean tools can be complex, unless you adapt them. This course explains the basic concepts of Lean Management and provides participants with the skills to be able to choose and adapt the available methodologies.

Benefits for your work

  1. You will acquire theoretical knowledge of the concepts of Lean Manufacturing 
  2. You will be able to classify your company and you will understand what Lean tools are applicable in your environment
  3. You will  exchange experiences with our experts in Lean Manufacturing

Programme content

Lean and process industries:
  • Lean Manufacturing: theoretical overview and basic concepts
  • Classification of the process industries
  • Applicability of Lean concepts to the types of process industries
  • Case Studies
  • Simulation Game


At the theoretical explanation of the principles and tools necessary for the design of Ideal Plant will be joined by a practical application of the analysis of a small department.