Certified 3-step course for Lean Experts and Trainers

Step 1: Lean Basic Trainer

Enhance your communication skills and lean know-how

Future improvement experts in all areas of all industries



05-08 May 2014
K├Ângen - Germany
Training in English 

Why this training

Future lean experts and lean trainers are mainly responsible for supporting and backing up the lean transformation and enhancing the 'continuous improvement process' (CIP). They also have to be able to efficiently manage teams. Therefore, know-how and ability in terms of dealing with conflicts, demotivation and other difficulties in the change process is required. On the one hand, our trainers provide fundamental knowledge of lean management, value adding, organising waste-minimized processes and CIP. On the other hand, you will learn about problem solving methods as well as the necessary soft skills such as moderation and presentation techniques, to be successful in your daily working environment.

Programme content

  • Successful communication and process improvement organisation: communication basis / teaching skills / spheres of activity of the CIP office / social processes and working in teams / CIP workshops and tasks, skills, responsibilities of the trainer
  • Fundamentals of teaching and lean management principles: basic training 'lean production' / communicative competence / giving and accepting feedback / practising presenting: creating and making a presentation
  • Lean management, presentation, analysis and problem solving: further developing a basic understanding in 'lean production' / presentation aids / giving and accepting feedback / practising presenting / overview of problem-solving and analysis tools
  • Project work and personal measures plan: project planning tool: 12-week projects / exercises for project planning and, where applicable, presentation / personal measures plan

Methodology and benefits for your work

You get to know the necessary tools and methods to moderate the continuous improvement process. In this respect particular attention is paid within the meaning of the CIP concept to successfully working in teams and dealing with conflicts. You learn how to efficiently manage teams. Dealing with different views, de-motivation among the involved parties and countering difficulties in the change process. Get in contact with trainers from other companies, exchange experiences and widen your network including subsequent ideas and exchange of concepts.