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Ideal Plant

Production and logistics flow

Production Managers, Supply Chain, Operations, Interested in all business functions, Lean Experts

Why this seminar?

Is the factory the result of a historical development now messy? Can the value stream be improved? Do the layout correspond to the value stream? Do the locations of the departments generate enormous waste in terms of unnecessary movement of people and materials? It is time to review the overall production process and the layout of the factory. The experience shows that the changes to organization of the production process and to the layout (not necessarily expensive) lead a huge benefit in terms of lead times and reduction of space, items that do not only improve the competitive ability of the company but often quickly repay the investment made.

Benefits for your business

  1. Knowing how to analyse the current state of the factory layout and evaluate the flow of production and materials
  2. Knowing how to make a clear visual representation of the current state
  3. Mastering the approaches and tools for the redesign of the ideal factory


  • Analysis of the current situation (diagram stages of production, resources, layout and employment areas, material flow, correlation areas, value stream analysis)
  • Development of the ideal plant
  • Development of the real target plant
  • Concept, Value Stream, tools for the assessment and decision analysis of costs and benefits; layout; production flows and logistics, warehouses, work stations
  • Development Implementation Plan


At the theoretical explanation of the principles and tools necessary for the design of Ideal Plant will be joined by a practical application of the analysis of a small department.