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BestPractice Partner- LOCHMANN

Lean Trasforming in companies of small-medium size

Managers, directors and department managers of manufacturing companies

The LOCHMANN family specializes in offering innovate solutions to the international market in agricultural sector. From 1983 LOCHMANN CABINE produces cabins for the most prestigious international brands of farm tractors, earth moving machines and special machines to differente use. Among its customers, can be found: Antonio Carraro, Agritalia, Holder, Veniere, Dexheimer, Landini. The offer of cabine LOCHMANN addresses both the after market and original equipment market. In may 2011, LOCHMANN decided to undertake a project of Lean Enterprise Transformation. The process of change started with a pilot area in the assembly and was supported by a completely new factory Layout.In record time was changed by reorganizing factory areas, renovating floors and destroying walls. The reorganization of the whole area and warehouse/logistics now makes possible an optimal flow of materials and information, reducing the crossing time and increasing efficiency. The family business is still at the stage of change focused on the progressive extension of Lean principles. The excellent results achieved by LOCHMANN represent an excellent example and show that even a small company( 50 employees) can successfully implement Lean Transformation.